This page describes all the different on-going or planned projects for ASRG.
There are a lot of tasks and information that every OEM, supplier, services provider. To support all companies in the automotive industry, ASRG has developed open source, free projects to support development and solution activities.
If you would like to support projects, please feel free to contact each project directly.

Specification List

Every company needs to take into consideration many standards, norms, regulations, etc. in their security strategy and designs. Since this is something that we all need to do, ASRG will maintain a list of all these documents that might be relevant for security in automotive industry.

Directory of Security Suppliers

Each market has unique players in the automotive cyber security field and we would like to make it more transparent for suppliers or service providers to be identified. This way we will build a database to manage the solutions available in each market.

Automotive Security Intelligence Platform (ASIP)

Every OEM, supplier and service provider needs good trusted intelligence regarding cyber security issues in automotive. This platform will enable subscribers to gain access to automotive specific intelligence which will allow better decisions, risk calculations, and understand if product is affected by existing threats.

Automotive Threat Catalog

This a threat catalog which is general for all automotive products. It is not meant to replace existing threat catalogs, however to support companies to ensure threats have been considered. Since, damage and probability factors are company specific, they have not been included in the catalog. Each company can use the list as a guide to generate threat ideation.