This page describes how to submit a paper / presentation to be presented at ASRG.


Please submit or inquire about presenting at ASRG here:

[email protected]


Presentations should be planned around 50-60 mins.

Topics should be related to automotive security or fields which support automotive security. (Security topics are ok, but during the presentation, it should be explained the impact or application to automotive field)


Corporate presentations are allowed but must be limited to less then 5 mins. The point of ASRG is not to sell products or services, but to inform the community regarding automotive security topics. If your product or service was used to solve a problem or issue, then the product or service can be mentioned during the technical description of the problem and resulting solution.


  • Product / Service used with in the context of the presentation.

Not Allowed

  • Presentation only about a product or service.

  • Sales Presentations