Welcome! ASRG is an international non-profit with groups being created at automotive epicenters around the world. This allows members to meet up in-person with local automotive security enthusiasts!


[ASRG-SYD] Sydney, Australia


[ASRG-REC] Recife, Brazil


[ASRG-CAI] Cairo, Egypt


[ASRG-BER] Berlin

[ASRG-CGN] Cologne

[ASRG-FRA] Rhein-Main Area

The Rhein-Main area location is consisting of Frankfurt, Wiesbaden, Darmstadt and the surrounding areas.

[ASRG-MUC] Munich

Located in the Bavarian state of Germany, is the city of Munich which is the home to BMW and many other suppliers.

[ASRG-S] Stuttgart

In the southwest of Germany, in the state of Baden-Württemberg, there is small city called Stuttgart. It is home to Mercedes-Benz, Robert Bosch, Porsche and ASRG-S.


[ASRG-HYD] Hyderabad

[ASRG-KER] Kerala, India

[ASRG-BLR] Bangalore, India

[ASRG-DNCR] New Delhi, India


[ASRG-TLV] Tel Aviv, Israel


[ASRG-BUC] Bucharest, Romania

[ASRG-C] Cluj, Romania

In Romania, Cluj is a small town full of growth and opportunity in the technology sector where large software firms write code for today's business leaders.

[ASRG-IASI] Iasi, Romania


[ASRG-SIN] Singapore, Singapore

The Singapore ASRG Chapter is powered by the Car Security Quarter (CSQ) team of Division Zero (Div0). ASRG-SIN aims to bring automotive security knowledge to the Singapore cybersecurity community through monthly/bi-monthly meetups.

United States

[ASRG-DAY] Dayton, Ohio

[ASRG-D] Detroit, Michigan

Based in southeast Michigan, the Detroit chapter of ASRG brings experts from many major automotive companies in the area to monthly meetups.

[ASRG-PIT] Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

One of the newest research and development cities for the USA is Pittsburgh, including companies like Aptiv, Argo AI, Aurora, Carnegie Mellon University, Uber and Bosch. Come join us in Pittsburgh to discuss the security of future autonomous vehicles.

[ASRG-SFO] San-Francisco, California

Located in one of the most entrepreneurial cities in the world, ASRG-SFO was founded at the end of 2019 and is becoming on the most interesting locations and markets for automotive security. Come join the discussion and network with other security professionals regarding technical, process, tools, and methods.


[ASRG-TOR] Toronto

[ASRG-WIN] Windsor


[ASRG-VIE] Vienna


[ASRG-SHA] Shanghai


[ASRG-JPN] Tokyo


[ASRG-QRO] Queretaro